First Place in our Flash Fiction Contest: The Birth of Gemini by C.S. Johnson

Jebraun Clifford

Sherri Yutzy and I had a lot of fun reading all the entries from our ‘Stories of the Stars’ contest. It was a hard decision, but we both loved C.S. Johnson’s flash fiction story, The Birth of Gemini. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


C.S. Johnson

From a new, upcoming science fiction adventure series, Signs of the Stars


The moment his tiny, newborn son grasped onto his forefinger, he felt the galaxy around him shift along with the vulnerability inside his heart.

The cool, steel walls of the operation room dimmed; the sounds of the medical staff in the background became muffled. His breath suddenly came in stilted, uneven gulps.

“Micheel.” His wife’s voice was a shaking whisper behind him.

It hardly seemed real that he was standing on the Nebulous, one of the many medical starships owned by…

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