Reflections on the Past Year

New Year’s is my favorite holiday.

I like new beginnings. I like thinking about what is going to happen in the future. I like having something to look forward to as much as I like to look back on things.

So at the end of this year, I am happy to say that I have had a really good year. I had a breakthrough in my depression early on, and even though I have felt it creeping, I am not so worried about it right now. My kiddos are growing up, and I adore watching them get along. My husband and I are about to celebrate our eighth year of marriage, and in October, we celebrated our first 10 years together (which translates to more than 1/3 of my life at this point.)

This year has been particularly unusual for me, because it is the first year that I have only written full-time. I used to balance my writing with jobs, but this year I have been able to dedicate myself to my work more. As much as I might want to say I was able to write full-time, I don’t think I achieved this in any sense of the word.

Still, Everlasting, The Breadth of Creation, The Price of Paradise, Beauty’s Kiss, Beauty’s Gift, One Night of Moonlight, Eydis: The Island of the Dragon Bride, The Girl of All My Memes, and several other shorts, as well as the upcoming prequel to the Starlight Chronicles, Searching, have all been finished and published this year. I am very happy to have three series out and complete, and more books and book series are on the way.

If you had told me at the end of last year I would have finished all of those, I would have been surprised — and somewhat disappointed, as I would always like to write more, as much as my moods and duties refuse some days — but still very pleased.

Life is a constant battle of action, reaction, and reflection. I can only learn as I live, and I can only write as I learn.

Here’s hoping this coming year is even better!

Until We Meet Again,


C. S. Johnson


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