About C. S. Johnson

Every story has a character.

I am my story’s character.

It’s one of the hardest and simplest things, to talk about myself.

I did not shed all of my awkwardness in high school like everyone else I’m friends with on Facebook.

I want to change the world. I aim big and made several botched attempts along the way. I’m sure there have been points where I’ve made it worse.

Every character believes something.

I believe in God, and I am a Christian – though I will be the first to admit I don’t always get it right (particularly if I am related to you somehow).

I believe we all have a calling in our lives, and we have a responsibility to take responsibility for our mistakes and our intentional “misjudgments.”

I also think we should try to live the best life we can, even if that means sacrificing our comfort, money, time, or personal satisfaction.

I read a lot. I’ve always loved books, and I believe stories can make a difference.

Every character does something.

I am a writer. I’ve written a couple of books and short stories, both of which have been favorably received by its audience.

I went through college to get my teaching degree. I have my master’s degree for English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.

I think I need a “Goldilocks” type of teaching atmosphere to be completely happy about teaching. I’ll let you know if I find it.

Every character wants to do something.

I want to help people – you – to live better lives and to be better people.

Storyhelix focuses about getting my readers excited about books, growing up, finding their story DNA, and supporting them through others’ stories, both from life and literature, both celebration-worthy and cringe-worthy, and other means of escape.

Every character has a tragic flaw.

Mine’s fru-fru coffee – though I’ve had to go decaf. Doctor’s strong, repeated recommendation. 

So, get some fru-fru coffee, and come sit with me, and let’s get to know each other better. Chances are, I’m at the coffee shop anyway.


Coffee Shop Writer


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