Books by C. S. Johnson

I’m called by God to be a writer.

I believe that. And I’m still working towards fulfilling my calling. Much like myself, my writing is my own particular mix of humor, life, awkwardness, destiny, and huge, overlapping worlds of abstract ideas, conveyed into a story teens and adults will be able to understand, relate to, and even expand upon from examples in their own lives.

I write to show God’s truth.

I aim to please God, even though I usually please myself. (I’m pretty easily satisfied, and from what others have told me, I’ve got a good start on pleasing others. Particularly if you like teen fiction.
I’ve had some hard times in my life, and they were hard – some excruciatingly painful for me – but God was always there. I became a Christian when I was young, but ever since that day, I’ve wanted to do something grand for him because I love him.

Here are my books and stories.

Perhaps the best list is found at Amazon.

The Indie Collaboration: Spectacular Tales II, Short Story Anthology, “The Serpent-Bearer and the Prince of Stars”

And there are more to come! The Starlight Chronicles promises to be a series.

Book 1, Slumbering, 2nd Edition

Book 2, Calling, out in 2014

Book 3, Submerging, out in 2016

3-Submerging-front-cover (2)

Book 4, Remembering, out in 2016


Book 5, Continuing, out in 2016


Book 6, Outpouring, out in 2016


Book 7, Everlasting, out as of January 2017


I have a new series has launched as of 2016, in association with Dire Wolf Books. We welcome Beauty’s Curse (Part I of the Once Upon a Princess saga) to the world!

once upon a princess ebook cover

Part II, Beauty’s Quest 

once upon a princess 2 (2)

PART III, Beauty’s Kiss


Also new in 2016, the first of my Divine Space Pirates trilogy.

Book 1, The Heights of Perdition


Book 2, The Breadth of Creation 




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